GPDesign beam Rechargeable Multi-Colour - PSR51

GPDesign beam Rechargeable Multi-Colour - PSR51

An indispensable tool for the serious hunter and outdoorsman, this all-in-one rechargeable flashlight provides white, red, blue and green light that cater to high-intensity outdoor activities like hunting, night orienteering, wildlife watching, yachting and camping. Providing up to 45 hours of runtime and as much as 240 metres of light with multiple brightness modes. Its feature-rich single handed dual tail switch is both sturdy and water-proof making it ideal for serious outdoor activities in any weather, helping you react and adapt to even critical situations. Powerful and robust, it's more than a match for the great outdoors.

An all-in-one rechargeable flashlight for those high-intensity excursions such as hunting, wildlife watching, night orienteering, yachting or simply camping. It not only provides a conventional 470 lumen white light output but also a choice of red, green and blue light outputs by simply turning the head to the required colour. The red and green light preserves night-vision, aids hunting and tracking and map reading, whilst the blue light allows illumination of blood trails. Dual-power capability lets you recharge via USB or use primary CR123A batteries so you’ll never be without power. With as much as 45 hours of light and up to 240 metres of illumination, there is no adventure beyond your reach.

For critical situations the one handed dual tail switch facilitates the ease of use in tactical settings such as law enforcement, military personnel or search and rescue. The dual switch also provides rapid on-off or momentary illumination, while three brightness options with brightness memory let you adjust the beam to your surroundings, with a strobe mode to disorient attackers or additionally an SOS signal mode to seek help. Built to withstand the toughest conditions, it is water proof up to 2 metres submersion including 1.5-metre impact resistance and a strike bezel ring for self-defence scenarios. Because safety features are paramount, the PSR51 includes protection features such as over-charging and over-discharge protection while a lockout mode protects against accidental on resulting in a flat battery. With the GPDesign beam Multi-colour flashlight you know you’re equipped to see everything nature has to offer.