GP Ultra Alkaline AAA Batteries

Compatible with
Beauty and Wellness DevicesMotor ToysHousehold TorchWireless Mouse
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New and Improved Alkaline Range - Ultra

Unleashes up to 80% more power*, providing additional playtime for every moment.


Harnesses 4 powerful breakthroughs from the inside out for a power upgrade.

Stronger leak-proofing feature

Protects your electronic devices and avoid pressure inside the battery to prevent leaking.

What is G-TECH?

Introduces 4 powerful breakthroughs from the inside out, for longer-lasting power and stronger leak-proofing.

High-density Zinc S powder

High-density Zinc S powder in the power core provides fast, potent power generation and improved performance.

The Multi-ring Core with High-purity Graphite

Enhances electrical conductivity and preserves power for use over longer periods of time.

Streamlined Inner Design

Streamlined inner design and tough, corrosion-proof steel increase capacity of reactive materials for higher power generation.

Patented Leakage Prevention

It means that a patented nylon sealing ring and durable corrosion-proof design ensure long-term battery storage while preventing battery leakage.

Unleashes up to 80% more power*

Designed for the most popular portable electronic devices.

Beauty and Wellness Devices

Motor Toys

Torch (household)

Wireless Mouse


  • 11.5 g
  • 10.5 (D) x 44.5 (H) mm
  • 1.5 V

*up to 80% more power in toy application vs IEC 60086-2 : 2021 MAD