Discovery Keychain 20lm - CK12

Discovery Keychain 20lm - CK12

Ultra-portable keychain flashlight designed for everyday use, whenever the need arises. Ultra-lightweight at just 37g, the 20-lumen flashlight is easy to clip onto a keychain or backpack and use as an emergency light. With a durable aluminium housing and with IPX4 water resistance rating, the flashlight will resist hail and rain, and can be relied on to provide reassuring visibility.

You and your kids will love using this small, colourful headlamp, designed for indoor and outdoor use.

The 40-lumen lamp will light the way up to 8 metres and with a runtime of up to 6 hours. At the push of a button, switch easily between 3 settings: high, low and flashing.

At only 30g this ultra-light headlamp makes the perfect companion. Easy to carry around in a pocket or bag, and makes a handy emergency light when the need arises.

The illumination angle is adjustable, while a pocket clip lets you attach the lamp to a backpack, jogger’s sport belt or even a pet's collar.

Completely child-friendly, the head lamp provides soft lighting, and has a comfort-stretch head strap to ensure a secure fit, even when running.

This is an excellent companion for kids while reading or playing at home. Also you can choose from a selection of bright colours to brighten up any day.